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Last Updated October 18, 2021, 4:10 pm
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A question of Happiness

Happiness is considered by many to be the main goal in life. Just as many seek to find it in relationships, hobbies, work, and more.
A biblical worldview says otherwise.
Still, the definition of happiness is as diverse as the people who seek it.
One school of thought says finding happiness requires a life in which every aspect contributes toward personal fulfilment.
On the other hand, some believe happiness is “happenstance,” or an emotion based on positive circumstances.
What do you think?
Here are some questions to ponder about happiness:

What does it mean to be happy?

  1. What is happiness?
  2. Can I be happy when faced with suffering?
  3. Is happiness universal or a matter of perspective?
  4. How much should we care about making ourselves happy?
  5. Is it possible to feel happy and sad at the same time?
  6. Is it really necessary to pursue happiness?
  7. Are we happier now as a society than in times past? Why or why not?
  8. Does anyone else’s happiness affect my own?
  9. If someone has less material wealth than me, does this automatically make him unhappy?
  10. What brings true happiness?
  11. Can happiness be measured or quantified, like money and power?
  12. Are certain types of experiences inherently “happier” than others?
  13. Is it always best to seek out pleasure over avoiding pain?
  14. Is happiness just the product of chemical reactions in the brain?


I once knew a philosopher who could predict all the football results.
How? Who?
His name was Soccer Tease.
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