All Blues - Miles Davis - From "Kind of Blue" - 1959

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Dave Hinz Flute

Jeff Antoniuk - 4-bar spacer form

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Notes on the Geography and Structure

12-bar blues

There is a transcription at the bottom of this page, which you might find useful, but bear in mind that the correct time signature is 6/8 unless you want to have a 24-bar blues instead of a 12-bar blues. Actually, there is a 4-bar spacer between each 12-bar solo. Listen to check whether this is only for spacing out solos or whether it's used between every 12-bar section.

It's worth checking this site to see whether there's a big band score for All Blues. There are lots of things going on. Some can be considered to be part of the tunes essential make up but others are freer and can be mixed and matched. There doesnot seem to be one. That would be a good and worthwhile project

Bass Line

Does not move up on IV chords but stays on G like a pedal line.

Solo hand overs

After each solo, and as an intro, there is a four bar vamp based on the 1st 4 bars of each cycle.

The 12-bar choruses repeat over each solo, with the 4-bars used to space out each soloist.

This is unusual in 12-bar blues where typically the 12-bar sequence is repeated without any extra filling vamps.

Further down there is a Youtube backing track with bass and guitar with brushes on drums

Kind of Blue was originally jacked up a semi-tone too high. The album was later re-released at the original speed.

Stanley Clarke, Larry Carlton, Billy Cobham et al.

This is a version of All Blues (of which there are so many!) with a very prominent bass part, and melody on flute.

B-Flat transcription

Trumpet solo and intro written for B-flat instruments. Check the Alto solo transcription. Is is written for E-flat Alto?

Concert Key Transcription

3/4 making it a 24 bar blues!!?

Not correct!! Should be a 12-bar blues in 6/8 time

It has all the B-flat trumpet and sax solos transcribed. BUT For concert key instruments

Pentatonics for solos

Each solo is "spaced out" with a 4 bar vamp which is the first 4 bars repeated

X: 1
T: Scales
C: D minor Pentatonic
M: 4/4
L: 1/4
K: C
  D F G A c|
w: 1 b3 4 5 b7
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