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6 8 7 5-
3 4 ♭6 7 9 11 10 12
12 13 12 11 11- 11 12 13 11-
Wave Piano Chords
Dexter Gordon:
I liked Bobby Wellin's version of this. I saw him live in the Marlowe Jazz club in the 90's. Sher Music, The Standards Real Book, Page 223
Gig Tip (BR)
Yes, Wave is in concert D, i.e. E major for tenor as in your clip. It's important to always talk about concert keys on gigs to avoid misunderstanding. For example, I did a gig with Diz Disley, who was a bit of a card; the last tune we played was Sweet Georgia Brown in concert Ab, my Bb, which means starting on F7 which is my G7. A few bars before the end of the penultimate chorus Diz called out G!!. Now, it's no use entering into a debate at such a moment. 'G' means G concert and all that entails for us Bb blowers. By the way the lig opens up the sound all the way up the instrument.
Vou te contar, os olhos já não podem ver
Coisas que só o coração pode entender
Fundamental é mesmo o amor
É impossível ser feliz sozinho

O resto é mar, e tudo que eu não sei contar
São coisas lindas que eu tenho pra te dar
Vem de mansinho a brisa e me diz
É impossível ser feliz sozinho

Da primeira vez era a cidade
Da segunda o cais e a eternidade

Agora eu já sei, da onda que se ergueu no mar
E das estrelas que esquecemos de contar
O amor se deixa surpreender
Enquanto a noite vem nos envolver

Melodic Diminished Chord

This diminished run can be viewed in different ways. For example, flat-6 to 6th to 8th then II major triad to hit the tri-tone then 6 dropping to the 5th, That's a load of stuff but the II major triad glues it all together. See triad pairs I-major II major for a similar effect.

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