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Lets take a look at some political articles. One good idea is to find two articles about the same subject, which have different views.
As a writing exercise, we can try to take sides and learn the kind of partial or partisan language. Lets collect vocabulary and techniques for reporting in a partial manner. Rather than reporting objectively, do your best to alter the readers opinion. Full marks if you can disguise lies so that the reader is convinced of the meaning but if you are challenged and Called out for it, you can always find an explanation. Statistics are good for this. You can twist and turn the truth a long way without actually telling outright lies.
 adolf hitler  alex jones  amy coney barret  andrew brigen mp  ann vandersteel  anne marie waters  ashlea simon  ben harnwell  christine anderson mep  donald trump  dr shiva ayyadurai  elon musk  emmanuel macron  enoch powell  fiona hill  ghislaine maxwell  hillary clinton  images  javier milei  joe biden  john f kennedy  jonathan bowden  justin trudeau  karl marx  ken paxton  kevin mc cathy  marine le pen  matt hancock  mearsheimer  michael flinn  nancy pelosi  noah harari  orban viktor  oswald mosley  rockefella  ronald reagan  saul alinsky  steve bannon  tommy robinson  tony blair  tulsi gabbard  viktor yanukovych  vivek ramaswamy  william barr

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