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If you get into the top ten on the scoreboard, you can download the app and work towards cash prizes. First get started on level one and then later check the score board to see if you are in the top ten.

Level Ⅰ

⛓ Level Ⅰ ⛓

Elementary vocabulary is all you need. You should know the words, but tying them together might be more challenging.

Level Ⅱ

⛓ Level Ⅱ ⛓

Intermediate level vocabulary Some more challenging collocations and noun phrases.

Level Ⅲ

⛓ Level Ⅲ⛓

Advanced level word collocations and noun phrases

Random Card

Choose a random wordties puzzle card. The level might be quite easy for you or extremely difficult       ALT IMG dice

Score Board

WordTies Scores - TOP TEN for prizes 🎯

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Attempts 98 Correct 65 Max Possible 672 Scores 💯
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